A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships (But Especially Those Without Debt That Have Growing Margins)

I like finding fifty-cent dollars, that's not a surprise. What I like more is finding a fifty-cent dollar that's an exceptional business, maybe even an industry leading business. Advanced Energy Industries (AEIS) is an industry leader in power supplies and power conversion solutions within the semiconductor space. They lead through having the best technologies, leading … Continue reading A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships (But Especially Those Without Debt That Have Growing Margins)

Carriage Services Might Be The Berkshire Hathaway of Funeral Homes

In Warren Buffett's early years as an investor, he looked for cigar butt companies; companies that were thrown out yet had a little bit of value to be extracted. This strategy worked well for him, and is still used today by the man who literally wrote the book on margin of safety, Seth Klarman. Yet … Continue reading Carriage Services Might Be The Berkshire Hathaway of Funeral Homes

A Telecom Monopoly in Russia

It's no secret I'm bullish on Russia. I know this isn't an easy stance to take given the tensions between the United States and Russia right now, but I don't care. I try to find value where value resides. To me, there's tremendous asymmetric value to be found in Russia. The bad part of Russia … Continue reading A Telecom Monopoly in Russia

Searching Through Semiconductors

The semiconductor industry, from a price per share perspective, is close to all time highs. Because of this, I was quite surprised to see a semiconductor business pop up on one of my loose stock screeners. The company is inTest Corp (INTT). Sporting a FCF Yield of 9%, growing revenues, and industry leading margins and … Continue reading Searching Through Semiconductors

Misunderstood Toy Maker Presents Opportunity

I've been following Jakks Pacific (JAKK) since September, and since then it has become more attractive as an investment. I originally wrote about JAKK in a small blog post in which I covered two charts I was interested in. I gave a rough presentation about the company and why I thought the stock was mis-priced. … Continue reading Misunderstood Toy Maker Presents Opportunity

Capitalizing on Future Water Shortage

I wrote a large piece on water with respect to Intrepid Potash back in early September. The fact of the matter is only 3 people viewed the post, so I thought it worth the while to copy and paste the research about water, and the potential shortage that is most likely to come if recent … Continue reading Capitalizing on Future Water Shortage

Jay Walker Is At It Again

Ben Graham taught me that its better to invest in good businesses trading at discounts to intrinsic value. Warren Buffett elaborated on that idea and taught me it's sometimes okay to invest in great businesses at okay prices. What both of these men will tell you is that it's always a great idea to invest in companies … Continue reading Jay Walker Is At It Again

A Super-Market Flushed With Cash

Village Super Market, Inc popped up on a couple of my stock screeners throughout the last few weeks and after a cursory overview, I thought it was worth digging into a bit more as a potential candidate for the Voyager Fund. Now that the Voyager Fund sits at an extremely low open risk point, I … Continue reading A Super-Market Flushed With Cash

Has The Market Mispriced Refined Coal?

When Donald Trump ran for President, he claimed that he would bring back the coal miners, and the clean coal business. Disregarding your personal affiliation for the President, you have to wonder if in fact he will stick to that promise, and if he does, what will it mean for the coal mining and coal … Continue reading Has The Market Mispriced Refined Coal?