Jemtec, Inc. (JTC): Canadian Nano-Cap in Niche Industry

Jemtec, Inc. (JTC) is a nano-cap company that trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV). At current prices, you can buy the business for around $4.2M, or a little over $2M net of cash. It's very small. All figures will be in CAD. Background & Thesis The company is Canada's leader in electronic tracking technology. … Continue reading Jemtec, Inc. (JTC): Canadian Nano-Cap in Niche Industry

A Cheap, Illiquid South African Timber Company At Basement Prices (YRK)

This post is inspired by Rudi van Niekerk. Rudi runs Desert Lion Capital, an investment partnership dedicated to South African stocks. Scott Miller (of Greenhaven Road Capital) and Chuck Royce seeded Rudi's fund. Desert Lion gives US investors a chance to capitalize on the many price dislocations within the region. After reading some of Rudi's … Continue reading A Cheap, Illiquid South African Timber Company At Basement Prices (YRK)

A Telecom Monopoly in Russia

It's no secret I'm bullish on Russia. I know this isn't an easy stance to take given the tensions between the United States and Russia right now, but I don't care. I try to find value where value resides. To me, there's tremendous asymmetric value to be found in Russia. The bad part of Russia … Continue reading A Telecom Monopoly in Russia

Finding Value in the Netherlands

A huge part of my trading strategy is having a global, no holds barred mindset when it comes to my search for value in the markets. Restricted to companies specifically in the US, one would have trouble finding companies trading at steep discounts to intrinsic value in these US equity markets. With the freedom associated … Continue reading Finding Value in the Netherlands

KORS, Bitcoin, and Natural Gas Commentary

Much to my surprise I haven’t received any feedback on my piece regarding Bitcoin. I believe that could be do to the fact that most people who receive my newsletter simply file it into their trash folder without ever glancing at what was said. Regardless, I will continue to send out my investment ideas and … Continue reading KORS, Bitcoin, and Natural Gas Commentary

Why I Don’t Use Guidelines When Investing

As your potential Fund Manager, it is my job to provide you with the best investment decisions that are the most responsible. With that being said, the way I operate at Rockvue Capital is very different than most funds in the sense that I do not cater my investment style to a specific sort of … Continue reading Why I Don’t Use Guidelines When Investing

A Word on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

A couple of potential investors into the Fund expressed interest to me in Bitcoin, its mechanism as an investment, and my general thoughts on the cryptocurrency space. While I answered those individuals on a one-on-one basis, I wanted to take the time to write out my thoughts on the matter in order to give you … Continue reading A Word on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency