Deep Restructuring Play in Biotech

It's been a while since I've written about a particular company, and frankly its not because I don't have the time ... I just haven't really found any worth writing about. Whether its a new IPO, or Amazon's buyout of Whole Foods, one event or another seems to kick the market past 6th gear and … Continue reading Deep Restructuring Play in Biotech

Build – A – Bear Workshops Review

On the 17th of February, I wrote up a piece about Build - A - Bear Workshops in which I expressed a bullish opinion on the company. Keeping all my company write ups on file, I periodically go back to see my thinking, and to see how my thought process matched with what happened in … Continue reading Build – A – Bear Workshops Review

Going Long Russia: Part 1

Jim Rogers is one of my favorite investors to listen to. Truth be told, every Sunday I search YouTube to see if there are any newly released videos of Jim Rogers' views on economies and markets. Rogers is one of the greatest investors of all time, joining forces with George Soros to create the Quantum … Continue reading Going Long Russia: Part 1

GameStop: More Than Meets The Eye

In my previous article, which you can find here, I outlined how one can fall into value traps when searching for potential value investments. There's been a few sectors over the course of the past few months where value traps are hidden, namely oil & gas, oil refinery, and retail (global and domestic), to name … Continue reading GameStop: More Than Meets The Eye