Greenbrier Companies, Inc. (GBX)

(13 December 2016) GBX Business Overview The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets railroad freight car equipment in North America and Europe. GBX Fundamentals Price to Earnings: 7.21 Earnings Per Share: $5.67 Market Cap: 1.2B Current Ratio: 2.29 Return on Equity: 22.29% Dividend Yield: 2.39% Total Debt to Equity Ratio: 34.77 Balance Sheet ($ … Continue reading Greenbrier Companies, Inc. (GBX)

Natus Medical, Inc (BABY)

(23 November 2016) BABY Business Overview Natus Medical Incorporated designs, manufactures, and markets newborn care and neurology healthcare products and services worldwide. AEO Fundamentals Price to Earnings: 34.15 Earnings Per Share: $1.25 Market Cap: 1.4B Current Ratio: 2.98 Return on Equity: 10.30% Dividend Yield: 0% Total Debt to Equity Ratio: 0.00 Consensus Target Price: $49.67 … Continue reading Natus Medical, Inc (BABY)

Taiwan Semiconductor Co LTD (TSM)

(3 November 2016) TSM Business Overview TSMC is the world's first dedicated semiconductor foundry. As the founder and a leader of the Dedicated IC Foundry segment, TSMC has built its reputation by offering advanced and "More-than-Moore" wafer production processes and unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. From its inception, TSMC has consistently offered the foundry segment's leading technologies … Continue reading Taiwan Semiconductor Co LTD (TSM)

Accenture PLC (ACN)

(1 November 2016) ACN Fundamentals Price / Earnings: 19.64 Earnings Per Share: $6.40 Market Cap: 72.0B Current Ratio: 1.34 Return on Equity: 63.33% Dividend Yield: 1.91% Debt to Capital: 0.36% Balance Sheet ($ in Thousands) Total Assets increased by $2,406,357. Total Current Liabilities increased $387,918. Long – term debt decreased $1,130. Total Equity increased $1,541,805. … Continue reading Accenture PLC (ACN)

Lithia Motors, Inc. (LAD)

(21 October 2016) LAD Business Summary Lithia operates automobile dealerships in the western U.S., selling new and used vehicles, arranging finance, warranty and credit insurance contracts and providing parts and service. LAD Fundamentals Price to Earnings: 12.39 Earnings Per Share: $8.00 Market Cap: 2.4B Current Ratio: 1.17 Return on Equity: 10.76% Dividend Yield: 0.71% Total … Continue reading Lithia Motors, Inc. (LAD)

Spirit Airlines (SAVE)

(21 October 2016) SAVE Business Summary Spirit Airlines, Inc., incorporated on March 8, 1994, is an airline company. The Company's all-Airbus fleet operates more than 385 daily flights to 56 destinations in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America. Its ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) business model provides low, unbundled base fares that remove components traditionally included … Continue reading Spirit Airlines (SAVE)

Arris International PLC (ARRS)

(21 October 2016) ARRS Business Summary ARRIS International develops equipment and software for cable system operators and other broadband service providers that allow these clients to deliver a full range of integrated voice, video and data services to subscribers ARRS Fundamentals Price to Earnings: N/A Earnings Per Share: $0.35 Market Cap: 4.3B Current Ratio: 1.69 … Continue reading Arris International PLC (ARRS)

Bank of New York Mellon Corp (BK)

(20 October 2016) BK Business Summary Bank of New York Mellon provides a comprehensive array of services that enable institutions and individuals to move and manage financial assets in more than 100 markets worldwide. The company specializes in institutional services, private banking and asset management. Key products include advisory and asset management services to support … Continue reading Bank of New York Mellon Corp (BK)

Brown – Forman Corp (BF’B)

(20 October 2016) BF’B Business Summary Brown-Forman Corp., whose origins date back to 1870, is among the 10 largest producers of distilled spirits. With a portfolio of well-known brands, the company is best known for its popular Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, which continues to be its largest sales and profit producer. BF’B Fundamentals Price to … Continue reading Brown – Forman Corp (BF’B)

Mastercard, Inc. (MA)

(20 October 2016) MA Business Summary MasterCard Incorporated (MA), a leading global payment solutions company, provides a variety of services in support of the credit, debit and related payment programs of about 22,000 financial institutions and other types of entities. MA Fundamentals Price to Earnings: 30.21 Earnings Per Share: $3.48 Market Cap: 112.2B Current Ratio: … Continue reading Mastercard, Inc. (MA)